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Theme: Stealth
June 4th 2016

17 Games

red stealth by laguna red stealth
by laguna

avoid enemies, reach the goal

Super Camera World by paul Super Camera World
by paul

stay hidden

Circle Avoider by vede Circle Avoider
by vede

Sneak around the guys (O's) to get to the thing over on the right (!) The guys can see a short distance

Stellt by bixboxy2 Stellt
by bixboxy2

Pilot a Stealth Bomber and avoid detection! Fly well into the night brave fighter plane pilot!

Unseen B!tchclap by stefanjagers Unseen B!tchclap
by stefanjagers

Try to give him a b!tchclap, but do it stealthily (when he looks away)! He turns around sometimes, so be careful!

Eye Sees All by alyphen Eye Sees All
by alyphen

Avoid being seen by the eyes by hiding sneakily about the environment

Sneaky Slimey by scottyfox Sneaky Slimey
by scottyfox

My first game jam, a utter Failure. But i said i might as well submit how far i got! Now i know why i shouldn't start these things from Complete scratch TT^TT

StealthRun by urnamed32 StealthRun
by urnamed32

In StealthRun, you have to avoid being detected by the security guards. Simple movement with WASD. Alt+F4 to quit. Only 3 levels in the game.

Newton Ball by dizzydwarf Newton Ball
by dizzydwarf

Get The Blue

Gem Grab by mrdave Gem Grab
by mrdave

You are a jewel thief and youโ€™re after your biggest prize yet!

The Blue Cube The Blue Cube's Stealth Adventure
by vantaug

The blue cube has a mission: to kill the red cube. The red cube is evil. If a grey cube sees blue cube, blue cube will be busted. So blue cube has to be stealthy.

Stealthy Feline
by pastry

Steal food from the dogs, but pay attention to that pesky broom.

UNSEEN (gameboy rom) by refreshgames UNSEEN (gameboy rom)
by refreshgames

Can you get to the end unseen? - took a little longer than the hour due to starting late, in total more like 80minutes,ahh well - Requires a gameboy emulator such as BGB - http://bgb.bircd.org/

Hide and Seek by ๐Ÿ˜ธ๐Ÿ‹ Hide and Seek
by ๐Ÿ˜ธ๐Ÿ‹

Don't get spotted!

Find the Secret by crazymatt Find the Secret
by crazymatt

Not much of a game, but kind of a game. I only had 18 minutes to make it...

Vampire Dawn by matt_b Vampire Dawn
by matt_b


release=stealth by crefossus release=stealth
by crefossus

click to move, release=stealth

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