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59th One Hour Game Jam (11 Jun 2016)

Theme: Colours
Started: 11 Jun 2016 at 20:00 (19 entries)
Dodge the Dots
by dragonfire

Use the mouse to control where your character goes. You can only touch the dots/aliens of your own color. Have Fun!

Coloured Balls by terop Coloured Balls
by terop

Small game about coloured balls.

Color Madness by laguna Color Madness
by laguna

Check how close you can get to match the colors.

Color Lasers by scottyfox Color Lasers
by scottyfox

Controls : Left = Red , Up = Blue, Right = Green .. I couldn't figure out what to do with colors.. Im not very good at this x_x

Super Color Bros 64 by paul Super Color Bros 64
by paul

color is key

Dance Floor by elementalbinary Dance Floor
by elementalbinary

You(The ball) are on a deadly dance floor. Only touch the colour that you are, while jumping up in down for no specific reason. Controls on webpage.

Ugh, rainbows by alyphen Ugh, rainbows
by alyphen

You are a unicorn. You must give the other unicorns colours to make them happy. up/down/left/right/space.

Arcolournoid by dollarone Arcolournoid
by dollarone

Arkanoid with a colours modification

ColorMove by programmingslime ColorMove
by programmingslime

Controls: Arrows! Rules: You have to get over a block that have the same color as you. If no block around you has your color you get stuck and lose.

Color Rush
by steven pinto

Rush through and see how fast you can? - Match the right colors :) ad reach a high score.. Note: Too bad I couldn't implement Game Over.

20 Colour Facts Quiz by DevilLime 20 Colour Facts Quiz
by DevilLime

Sorry I'm late again... Anyway I hope you enjoy this simple quiz!

Job Escape by esamanoaz Job Escape
by esamanoaz

Your boss hates your favorite color, and you have to run while painting the walls! Text based game.

Color Gunner
by jawesome

Your goal is to rack up as many points as possible by shooting the attacking angry faces. Press space to change color. Avoid squares that are the same color as you. (WSAD to move, left click to shoot)

Go Nowhere
by crazymatt


Color science
by pastry

Absorb atoms of a different energy color than yours

Argie Bee & the Temple of Doom by matt_b Argie Bee & the Temple of Doom
by matt_b


Friends! :D by πŸ˜ΈπŸ‹ Friends! :D
by πŸ˜ΈπŸ‹

Make friends!

Colour Guesser (GB ROM) by refreshgames Colour Guesser (GB ROM)
by refreshgames

A game based on colour...for Monochrome gameboys.....How in the hell? Over-ran by a couple of hours but here we go :D

Skies by euske Skies
by euske


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