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Theme: Castle
June 18th 2016

23 Games

Not Available by removed Not Available
by removed

Not Available

Please let me enter by dayvebox Please let me enter
by dayvebox

Accept or decline visitors into your beautiful castle.

Food N Food N' Stuff
by lack

Feed the king right food!

Castle Lords by laguna Castle Lords
by laguna

Lead your castle to victory!

CastleCreator by programmingslime CastleCreator
by programmingslime

Create your own castle! Use Arrows to select tiles

Castles by PUARSLIBURF Castles

Please read the description on the GameJolt Page

mushroom castle by tinyruin mushroom castle
by tinyruin

You are a fairy who can grow mushrooms

Space Exterminator by asixjin Space Exterminator
by asixjin

This was my 1st hour Jam, but I didn't realize there was a theme and this does not fit it......I probably shouldn't submit it, but im still proud I made a game in an hour! Defeat the ships and prevent them from reaching the barrier. You have 3 time to get hit but if the barrier is touched then you lose. How long can you defend the barrier.

Castle by rhythmlynx Castle
by rhythmlynx

Shoot the invading army!

by scottyfox

Click the cannons! ..ugh.. i should really make a framework to work off of so i don't have to rewrite every system individually again.

Bricks by cheshyr Bricks
by cheshyr

Click to blow things up

Castle Builder by f___a___b Castle Builder
by f___a___b

[Not really a game. Didn't finish it. I wanted to have monsters you attack with a sword too] -Castle Builder- Build a castle Arrow keys to move Up to jump Down to pick up R to restart Enter to play

Defend the castle by alyphen Defend the castle
by alyphen

Defend the castle against the hordes of evil minions invading. Arrows/space

Castle of snakes by pastry Castle of snakes
by pastry

Damn, snakes again! Sylar, get rid of them!

Castle destruction by jhice Castle destruction
by jhice

Throw fireballs to the castle(s) to destroy it. Not much gameplay, first try @1hgj :p X to generate a new castle C to throw a fireball Done with PICO-8

Kingdom Krashers by acr515 Kingdom Krashers
by acr515

Destroy a castle while defending your own. We used a K in Krashers because it made it sound cool.

castle knight by knarf castle knight
by knarf

left/right/space/escape i have to eat while it's hot sorry :)

CASTLES!!! by crazymatt CASTLES!!!
by crazymatt

CASTLES!!! Instructions at top of the game. Explore a little. Use the WebGL version; It requires no plugins... I finally updated Unity!

Glassy Castle by wan Glassy Castle
by wan

Collect stuff, don't fall.

skystle by Norgg skystle
by Norgg

A friendly visit to a castle in the sky. Another not even a real game.

Cant jump on a box by 8bit Cant jump on a box
by 8bit

You just take the key and open the door, the only rule is that you cant jump while being on a box.... ('R' To restart)

Longbows and Daggers by πŸ˜ΈπŸ‹ Longbows and Daggers
by πŸ˜ΈπŸ‹

Control your bowmen to protect your castle from the siege.

You are the Castle by akair You are the Castle
by akair

Sorry bout the bad game. It was hard coding the AI!

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