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64th One Hour Game Jam (16 Jul 2016)

Theme: The Cube
Started: 16 Jul 2016 at 20:00 (21 entries)
Not Available by polygontower Not Available
by removed

Not Available

CubeWall by terop CubeWall
by terop

Wall approaches...

Talking cube by cakeeatergames.ru Talking cube
by cakeeatergames.ru


Cube Engine by sorceress Cube Engine
by sorceress

3D engine (software rendered) from scratch in one hour. WASDQE to move.

Schnuffles vs. the Cube of DEATH!!! by puarsliburf Schnuffles vs. the Cube of DEATH!!!

the robotic stuffed bunny mr. Schnuffles must destroy the cube of DEATH!!!

by crazya02

A game about goals. (Or something)

Dodge those 'cubes'
by nedstormfish

Dodge the blocks endlessly. Eventually you'll get to a point where the blocks can't hurt you. They're all cubes from a top down view please don't hurt me I can't do 3D.

Cubico by plasmatom Cubico
by plasmatom

Basic top shooter in a tragic context.

Cube? by pixzleone Cube?
by pixzleone

uhm HAVE FUN ?

The Cube By BrainyBeard by brainybeard The Cube By BrainyBeard
by brainybeard

Move A to go left, and D to go right.

Overlap by dollarone Overlap
by dollarone

Make the two points overlap!

FUN CUBE (or rather a square) by mindalajilostmypass FUN CUBE (or rather a square)
by mindalajilostmypass

Find the exit ! Hope you likes randomness :U

Life is a cube by ido Life is a cube
by Ido Adler

Life is a cube and then you die

ESCUBE by imogiagames ESCUBE
by ImogiaGames

- Enter to start - Arrows to move - Collect spheres - Escape the cube!

by jeh

asteroids thingy

The White Cube by thesloveniandevil The White Cube
by DevilLime

Controls: You can't use the mouse to look Kappa Have fun! ps You may want to lower your audio...

Cubepaint by alyphen Cubepaint
by alyphen

Paint all of the cubes red

Cube Defense by rsbat Cube Defense
by rsbat

Cubes need your help! Control with A/D, shoot with SPACE p.s. my first game jam

Defend The Gravity Cube by matt_b Defend The Gravity Cube
by matt_b

WASD or arrows to move, LMB to shoot, repair the radar things by touching them

attack cube
by shoozza

z to attack, arrows to move don't fall out of the screen or you will lose yourself

Teh_Qub3_Quest by alfred_hg Teh_Qub3_Quest
by alfred_hg

Once you were a cube, you have been dismembered in small parts! Retreive your parts in 4 epic levels!‚Äč

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