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Theme: Don't Touch Me!
July 30th 2016

25 Games

by ollie


Dont touch the red sphere by sabidao Dont touch the red sphere
by sabidao

Dont touch the red sphere, shot them all :D (Requires XNA Redist: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=20914)

GET AWAY by megaeggz GET AWAY
by megaeggz

Dodge the smoochers

escape zombie by paul escape zombie
by paul

run !

The Fairy Forest by DivineOmega The Fairy Forest
by DivineOmega

You're a fairy that's rushing through a dark and mysterious forest!!!

Stop touching me! by daem_on Stop touching me!
by daem_on

Escape the flying hand that wants to touch you.

Random box by terop Random box
by terop

Some random boxes, wasd to move.

Watch Out! by jakegill70 Watch Out!
by jakegill70

WASD + SPACE to dodge the monster for as long as your can

Evasive manuvers by rsbat Evasive manuvers
by rsbat

Astronauts in that shuttle need your help

Angry spikes by cakeeatergames.ru Angry spikes
by cakeeatergames.ru

I am not going to tell you how to play the game :) Figure it out yourselves. Haha

Don Don't touch Bitslap (1000th Game!)
by thunder2

I now officially own the title of the 1000th game! Don't trigger Bitslap by fighting the urge to touch him

pc touch by shoozza pc touch
by shoozza

Install love2d from https://love2d.org/ Double click .love file to play Controls: mouse

Triangle Avoider by matt_b Triangle Avoider
by matt_b

Move cursor to avoid triangles. Warning: may induce seizures.

Please :| by mindalajilostmypass Please :|
by mindalajilostmypass

Click to play! Poor guy :(

Dodge the Blob by alyphen Dodge the Blob
by alyphen

Arrows to move. Collect green blobs while avoiding being touched by purple blobs.

Don Don't Loot Me
by floxplox

Don't let the adventurers steal your precious loot! Move with WASD or arrow keys

Kametsuki by ImogiaGames Kametsuki
by ImogiaGames

Drag the Kametsuki with the mouse, don't touch Death!

Ghostman Ghostman's Ghostly Ghost Game
by Terracottafrog

You are a ghost who hates people a lot left click to fire when meter is full, right click to enter "super ghost mode" (hiold down the mouse for rapid fire)

by linkstudio

Just another game

Computery Guy by mantlair Computery Guy
by mantlair

Move your cursor to green target. Don't touch anything else. Character and sound effects belong to "Don't hug me. I'm scared."

LimeOS by πŸ˜ΈπŸ‹ LimeOS
by πŸ˜ΈπŸ‹

You already know what to do.

Woof That Woof That's My Butt
by jessandbernardss

Touch the dog's butt - Mouse to move - Left Click to Grab

Chain Ball Maze thingy by molithal_ Chain Ball Maze thingy
by molithal_

The 'thing' accelerates towards your mouse. Keep your mouse close to your blob, move it slowly, it's heavy and can't make sudden turns. Avoid enemies, swing your chain thingy to kill enemies.

Don Don't touch the sun
by alittleredpanda

You click to control the sun, whose gravity pulls the little planet towards it, helping it to avoid astroids. But wait! Don't let the planet get too close or it will burn up!

Space Shooty Shooty by brainybeard Space Shooty Shooty
by brainybeard

Click on them asteroidz

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