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67th One Hour Game Jam (06 Aug 2016)

Theme: Mouse only
Started: 06 Aug 2016 at 20:00 (19 entries)
Pinchworld by megaeggz Pinchworld
by megaeggz


Mice Only by ollie Mice Only
by ollie

Use your mouse to guide mice to safety

MouseClick by laguna MouseClick
by laguna

Click the rectangles as fast as possible. If you run out of time, you loose!

Fly Swatter! by divineomega Fly Swatter!
by DivineOmega

Swat as many flies as you can in 30 seconds!

Evade your mouse from slicers by sabidao Evade your mouse from slicers
by sabidao

Controls: Your mouse :D Take your mouse close to the cuts

KeepItAfloat by emil KeepItAfloat
by emil

just try to keep the other ball from touching the white ground. Move the other bigger ball to bounce it around :)

Dodge The Balls
by elnamano

Made in 10 minutes (Forgot the jam was on)

brickmouse by shoozza brickmouse
by shoozza

Click to jump, you can doublejump, jump from brick to brick

UFO escape by rsbat UFO escape
by rsbat

LMB-up RMB-down MMB-shoot Don't let them get you!

Turret by elementalbinary Turret
by elementalbinary

Shoot the cubes of death before they break your glass wall.

All the way (to the cheese)! by floxplox All the way (to the cheese)!
by floxplox

Feel the mouse, be the mouse

Gear by fseitisgames Gear
by fseitisgames


HAGEL by imogiagames HAGEL
by ImogiaGames

Ghosts are draining your mana! Replenish it by activating cristals

Follow the line(What is love edition) by Follow the line(What is love edition)

Challenge! Try to not shake your head ;) Beat my highscore of 203. Cake is not a lie!

Mouse Only by wheatmango Mouse Only
by wheatmango

Stupid video thing i scraped together

Maze Mouse Man ooo yeah by nedstormfish Maze Mouse Man ooo yeah
by nedstormfish

Guide the mouse through the maze and hit all the objects, while defending the it. Left click to move, right click to switch characters, middle button to shoot/activate. Might completely break! Oh yeah! Oh man! (Made this in about two hours, oh well)

It It's Just Mouse
by alittleredpanda

Little Mouse is flying through the forest and has to avoid all those nasty acorns. Click to shoot berries at them and see how far you can travel!

The Mouse Club by jessandbernardss The Mouse Club
by jessandbernardss

A,D to Move S to Crouch Arrow Keys work too

GenericPlatformer101 by euske GenericPlatformer101
by euske

Collect things. Avoid enemies.

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