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68th One Hour Game Jam (13 Aug 2016)

Theme: Mirror
Started: 13 Aug 2016 at 20:00 (19 entries)
1 Dota Game Jam by liamlime 1 Dota Game Jam
by 😸🍋

Make the hardest choice.

Mirrorcol by ollie Mirrorcol
by ollie

Match the colour of the circle with the mirrored circle shape!

The Duality of Mouse
by deglis

First Hour Jam. Experience the duality of mice.

Mirrors edge 4.2 GOTY edition by cakeeatergames.ru Mirrors edge 4.2 GOTY edition
by cakeeatergames.ru

You never gonna give up playing this game

Soccerpong by dollarone Soccerpong
by dollarone

Kick the ball behind your opponent!

Bolo Ball Plus by jwatt Bolo Ball Plus
by jwatt

The groundwork for a Bolo Ball clone. Click on orange balloons, see console for results. Despite the "Plus", this one-hour build is as minimalistic as it gets. But it's playable and winnable!

Lazer Reflector! by divineomega Lazer Reflector!
by DivineOmega

Adjust the mirrors (arrow keys) to reflect the 'lazer' into the goal! :D

Rockets and Mirrors by puarsliburf Rockets and Mirrors

Q for level skip There's a 1 in 5 chance for a secret ending!

Rotation Scramble by finisquartusluna Rotation Scramble
by finisquartusluna

The classic game of cat and mouse (or rectangle and square, in this case.) I took the theme a bit more mechanically; the game is about mirroring the controls.

Mirrors In Space by jakegill70 Mirrors In Space
by jakegill70

The Controls are mirrored on two ships. Destroy the enemy without hitting yourself

by Terracottafrog

copy the binary data onto a mirror drive Type the character in RED dont let the time empty dont make three mistakes thats it

Mirror by rhythmlynx Mirror
by rhythmlynx

Mirrored movement, or something

mirror by electronoob mirror
by electronoob

you are a ball, you have a mirrored clone ball which acts inverse to your normal ball. must dodge the random debris. longer game == higher score.

Shadow Mirror by vantaug Shadow Mirror
by vantaug

You are a shadow, your mission is to mirror your master. Move the left arm with A and D. Move your right arm with Left and Right Arrow. The mechanic that compares the position doesn't totally work, so you'll have to excuse that ;)

Super Mirror Bros by matt_b Super Mirror Bros
by matt_b

AWD or arrows to move, pickup same colour balls, avoid the opposite colour ones.

mirokun jeto by shoozza mirokun jeto
by shoozza

You are a jet mirror. Avoid the stone waves. Rotate with left and right arrow, jet with space

Mirror Balls Puzzle by alfred_hg Mirror Balls Puzzle
by alfred_hg

Use arrows to reach the green zone with both mirrored balls

Oliddod by imogiagames Oliddod
by ImogiaGames

​How many oliddods can you do? Follow your reflection with the arrow keys... be fast! It took me SO MUCH more than one hour :( didn't finish on time

Unfinished by euske Unfinished
by euske


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