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69th One Hour Game Jam (20 Aug 2016)

Theme: One button
Started: 20 Aug 2016 at 20:00 (25 entries)
Button of fate by boltkey Button of fate
by boltkey

Just follow the instrutcions button gives you

Space Dodge by ollie Space Dodge
by ollie

Dodge oncoming asteroids!

Boxes Boxes 'n Stuff
by deglis

Press Spacebar. Put the boxes where you think they should go.

by astrophics

Press any button to chop. Don't chop bombs OR ELSE!!

Doughnut Grab by mechaduck Doughnut Grab
by mechaduck

Use the space button to grab dougnuts!

Spitball by hypersnow_dev Spitball
by hypersnow_dev

Your digestive system isn't working properly today.

one button to test your wits by electronoob one button to test your wits
by electronoob

press and hold a key, release when ready to test your speed and wit. lower the number the more awesome you are.

Not Available by polygontower Not Available
by removed

Not Available

One Button by laaph One Button
by laaph

FPS controls (WASD and mouse, click to press button).

TapFast! by urnamed32 TapFast!
by urnamed32

-Instructions- You have to tap the keys as fast as you can in order to win! -Controls- Space: Advance In Menus C: Advance In Countdown D: Left Player K: Right Player

Button Blast by crazymatt Button Blast
by crazymatt

Button Blast! This was only tested in Chrome, so I have no Idea if it works elsewhere! *May not actually include any blasting.

Click to Fashion by mantlair Click to Fashion
by mantlair

Click to fashion. No other controls. Enjoy! There are 1280 possible combinations. Can you find them all?

That *BLEEP*-ing Language by liamlime That *BLEEP*-ing Language
by πŸ˜ΈπŸ‹

Bleeps and bloops

by elementalbinary

Use arrow keys to balance the ball using only one button at a time.

Crazy Space Balls by sparkygames Crazy Space Balls
by sparkygames

Press space to stop the aircraft, dodge the bullets and kill as many enemies as you can!

Arcade Volleyball by dollarone Arcade Volleyball
by dollarone

A remake of the classic

Slick Slicer by jwatt Slick Slicer
by jwatt

Z to stack moving blocks. No overhang allowed.

Eventually One Button by divineomega Eventually One Button
by DivineOmega

It's easy. Just turn on the device. ;)

ioth by imogiagames ioth
by ImogiaGames

Sales time! Avoid the crazy customers and get to that cashier with the left mouse button!

Project Sisyphus
by macing

Pointless game.

Stacker by posho Stacker
by posho

Just Stacker.

Ceci n Ceci n'est pas une Button
by euske

Put a thread into a button as many as times possiburu!

Devil Devil's Button Bashing
by DevilLime

Press SPACE (Liam if you want I can take the game down)!

by akair

Grow carrots, and stuff!

Glow swap by alyphen Glow swap
by alyphen

Space to swap between upper and lower. Absorb glowy blobs.

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