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Theme: Reverse
September 3rd 2016

17 Games

desrever by yulfy desrever
by yulfy

On start you have 30 seconds to type the word presented in reverse, your score will be tracked as you go along!

Alleyway Panic by ilseroth Alleyway Panic
by ilseroth

Your forward gear is broken, navigate the alley and get to freedom!

Reverse Soul by jasonify Reverse Soul
by jasonify

Press r to restart game (if bugs). Press space to jump. Arrow keys to move. Get the power up to destroy the little monsters :) (reverse their soul / spirit).

Faulty Robot by ollie Faulty Robot
by ollie

Get the batterys... Avoid the holes... Robot Status: Faulty - Movement reversed

SNEK by Aurel SNEK
by Aurel

Eat snek food in outer space!

Line colour reversal by alyphen Line colour reversal
by alyphen

Swap lines by clicking on the arrows. Make the entire grid one colour.

SwitchBox by bloxore SwitchBox
by bloxore

Avoid the Fireballs

Drunk reversing by peterfsat Drunk reversing
by peterfsat

Go backwards but dont hit other cars Linux x11 x64

by elementalbinary

Click and hold to rotate the record to stop the circles.

retoohS by themadprogramer retoohS
by themadprogramer

Welcome to retoohS! Where your goal is to get shot! Move your vehicle to absorb bullets from your enemies. Controls: Up moves you down, Down moves you up. Click to begin! P.S. I have no idea why the game runs slowly on safari. Try closing tabs I guess :> Have fun

You Win! by crazymatt You Win!
by crazymatt

I couldn't think of a better name :\. WASD / Arrows to Move

by macing

Platformer, wasd to move

by ImogiaGames

Sorry I'm late! After Ludum Dare last week and my new part time job, I was late to the jam :( Well this is a simple platformer.... unmess somethings have been reversed...

Reverse by yaboidon Reverse
by yaboidon

Sorry Im late! Use the up and down keys to move!!!

UnShootEmUp by ivanodintsoff UnShootEmUp
by ivanodintsoff

You need to shoot the explosions to revert them back to spaceships. The shot will come from the top of the screen and you need to hit the explosion and catch the shot with your ship. If you miss any explosion or miss any shot 3 times is game over.

Backpark by tegu Backpark
by tegu

Reverse the car into the empty slot without hitting anything! Too easy & took 1h 30min. :( Also, restarting is buggy, hit R again.

Teach a Fish to Man by Terracottafrog Teach a Fish to Man
by Terracottafrog

Arrow keys to move. Eat people and low flying helicopters to increase score. Don't get hit by bombs. Don't stay too long on land. You're a fish, by the way.

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