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Theme: Isolation
September 17th 2016

29 Games

Renaiz by Mac Renaiz
by Mac

Collect points before walls collect you.

Keep them isolated by laguna Keep them isolated
by laguna

Keep them isolated by clicking on them. How high can you push your highscore?

Isolate Me by ivanodintsoff Isolate Me
by ivanodintsoff

Avoid other people. 1 point per second. Arrow keys to start the player moving to the direction (only the four directions). Keep away from the people spawners (blue boxes).

Empty. by ollie Empty.
by ollie

Warning: Contains flashing colours! A simple interactive abstract story.

Keep your distance by boltkey Keep your distance
by boltkey

Keep your mouse cursor as far from those pesky red circles as possible. Score over 1000. Once your HP reaches 0, you stop earning score. F5 to retry, no time to implement restart button.

Total Isolation v3 ._.
by spane

My 2 times updated first entry! a console game made with limeted knowledge of coding. don't be too mad at it pls :C

Isolate by yulfy Isolate
by yulfy

Yeah... I'm trying a new engine...

Popularity Machine by aidanmarkham Popularity Machine
by aidanmarkham

Should you conform to society?

Isolate Marked by jasonify Isolate Marked
by jasonify

Really buggy :(. Click on the black circle to gain points. You can drag the elements to have a better shot (elements overlap). Done with d3.js

Bad weather by laaph Bad weather
by laaph

You thought being trapped alone on an island would be fun...

by xykvy

just a little guy

You Feel Isolated ? by Thorgilson You Feel Isolated ?
by Thorgilson

An extremely shitty in-browser game that shouldn't have taken me an hour to make

by thiagohimself

use arrows to move.

by astrophics

Avoid contact from the dark side (click hands for them to go away). Keep him alive.

Alien Isolation Pixel Edition by PUARSLIBURF Alien Isolation Pixel Edition

This had to be done.

all alone by caryoscelus all alone
by caryoscelus

Non-interactive "game" about lonely boredom

Isolation Maze by sotocodes Isolation Maze
by sotocodes

Wasd or arrow keys to move Mouse movement to control flashlight Move through a randomly generated maze with an eerie feeling. This is my first OHGJ and it is a lot harder than I thought! So hard to implement real gameplay in one hour. Great experience, will be coming back next week for sure! Just figured out how to add the WebGL build to my website! Check it out here: http://games.sotocodes.com/One_Hour_Game_Jam_73_Isolation/

Quarantine by Terracottafrog Quarantine
by Terracottafrog

Use wasd and mouse button to move and fire kill the organs(hearts) dodge the bullets kill them as fast as possible

Orbisolate by alyphen Orbisolate
by alyphen

Isolate the red orb by drawing lines to repel other orbs

Secluded Snake by ImogiaGames Secluded Snake
by ImogiaGames

Well... I couldn't think of anything else but making a snake clone :/ Poor thing is all alone :( Arrow Keys to move.

Island Paradise by πŸ˜ΈπŸ‹ Island Paradise
by πŸ˜ΈπŸ‹

Survive on your new island paradise.

Jail Cell Puzzle by DivineOmega Jail Cell Puzzle
by DivineOmega

Escape the isolation of your jail cell.

Natalia by DevilLime Natalia
by DevilLime

A really short text game made in VS 2015.

The Last Man On Earth by dollarone The Last Man On Earth
by dollarone

One day someone will be the last man on earth... perhaps like this?

ISOLATION by friedfishstudios ISOLATION
by friedfishstudios

A simple but very hard shooter. You are a drone dropped on a isolated planet who got caught in an alien force field. Just try to stay alive/ Done in 1hr and 27 minutes....almost ;-)

Ponczuchy by djmati11 Ponczuchy
by djmati11

What you Tom again don't know how to do

Robokix by borisvanschooten Robokix
by borisvanschooten

Defeat the robots by isolating one robot at a time!

Isotown by crefossus Isotown
by crefossus

You are determined to go off into the world on your own...

γ€€ by pixzleone γ€€
by pixzleone

made in 4h for 1hgj password: 1hgj

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