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74th One Hour Game Jam (24 Sep 2016)

Theme: Two Button Controls
Started: 24 Sep 2016 at 20:00 (22 entries)
Two Buttons Controlling the TV (Not a Game)
by mantlair


Just Argue With Him
by esamanoaz

Just Argue With Him To Win.

by spane

Failed the theme, have fun anyway <3

Triple Tracks: Train of DEATH by interlightstudio Triple Tracks: Train of DEATH
by interlightstudio

Hope on in y'all! The Train of Death. Ride the train and a void obstacles. Who knows where you'll get off!!!

Limit Controls by laguna Limit Controls
by laguna

Overlap the square with the circles. Press D and W to control the square.

A Crazy Universe by jasonfy A Crazy Universe
by jasonfy

Use F / J keys to control the mad scientist. He wants the cosmos but avoid the weird box creatures. Used Pixi.js in a game for the first time.

Chasm Climber
by interlight studio

Game where you have to avoid builders.

Polygon by rhythmlynx Polygon
by rhythmlynx

Make the best polygon.

by devlynx

Aid & Sabotage: Aid your army and/or sabotage the enemy's (computer-AI) army to achieve victory. Left arrow key = aid Right arrow key = sabotage A simple game based hopefully on a simple concept. *PLEASE NOTE*: The game is currently suffering from a glitch meaning it doesn't quite play the way it should, I hope to have this fixed by the end of the tomorrow.

Asteroid Rush by matthewse19 Asteroid Rush
by matthewse19

Don't get hit by the asteroids!

by astrophics

Smooching zombies is dangerous.. (arrow keys to move)

PlatformButtonMash by fireweb365 PlatformButtonMash
by fireweb365

Game about jumping left and right with arrow keys, made in exactly 58 minutes, so, its done in time :)

The Many Misadventures of The Marvelous Tophat Man by puarsliburf The Many Misadventures of The Marvelous Tophat Man

Basic platformer. G skips levels

Sad Bunny-man by antontesh Sad Bunny-man
by antontesh

Hold left or right for a hoppy time.

Two Buttons by sorceress Two Buttons
by sorceress

There are two buttons

BMX Air King by dollarone BMX Air King
by dollarone

you are a person on a bicycle doing jumps and tricks in the air

Statistics Simulator by djosef Statistics Simulator
by djosef

here is the game that I developed for this jam use Up or Down to move Have a good time

_invaders by terracottafrog _invaders
by Terracottafrog

A and D to move Kill invaders Don't die

Get the trophies! by felladrin Get the trophies!
by felladrin

​Collect the trophies to score. Hold left mouse button to move. Click right mouse button to change direction.

LavaKid by crefossus LavaKid
by crefossus

If you can't open it you might need prereq. Download that here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/35hzexrwos5p90r/LavaKidWithPrereqWin64.zip?dl=0

Tough Luck
by akair

Tough Luck

Sub Raid by borisvanschooten Sub Raid
by borisvanschooten

Manoever your submarine through the caves, and shoot as many sea monsters as possible! Move using W and S keys.

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