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75th One Hour Game Jam (01 Oct 2016)

Theme: Construction
Started: 01 Oct 2016 at 20:00 (19 entries)
Deep diver
by kruton

I gave up on construction and just did a random execersize on particles and scaling.

Tunnel by terop Tunnel
by terop

Short tunnel (no gameplay)

reverse tetris
by mcfearless999

This game is far from finished. The plan was to launch blocks and have them build a tower but to keep the colors separate. (matching colors would cause blocks to disappear or other consequences.

Korobeiniki by laaph Korobeiniki
by laaph

It's not Tetris...

The Amazing Journey by puarsliburf The Amazing Journey

Build a ship whilst it's being bombed. 'Nuff said

BrickConstructor#NotAnRTS by fireweb365 BrickConstructor#NotAnRTS
by fireweb365

Game was made in 56 mins, no sounds were added unfortunately :'(

Crappy block placer by lightsoda Crappy block placer
by lightsoda

Build blocks, and destroy them. Not much of a game.

Word Construction by spane Word Construction
by spane

yet another game smashed together by his germanness Spane! Should work :P

Tom is a House by crefossus Tom is a House
by crefossus

click to hat

GreenConstruction by jasonfy GreenConstruction
by jasonfy

BUG: box and mouse dont align. ... just go by mouse. Try to get the green areas and avoid the red/blue. Ran out of time :( First time using Three.js. Just trying to learn

Birdy Bridge by terracottafrog Birdy Bridge
by Terracottafrog

Save the construction worker from the birds!

Space Station Builder by alyphen Space Station Builder
by alyphen

Build a space station. Click the core to make a person. Scroll to change which unit to place. Left click to make one. Keep it sustainable.

DevilLime™ Tower by thesloveniandevil DevilLime™ Tower
by DevilLime

​Build your dream DevilLime™ tower! Use A/D or the arrow key to steer the Netflix packages! Alt + F4 to exit.

The Dollar by dollarone The Dollar
by dollarone

Find the Dollar! Use arrow keys to control the dude and SPACE to do magic.

Work Safety Caution! by unrelated Work Safety Caution!
by unrelated

Help to uphold construction site safety by all means possible.

Boxes falling on my head by borisvanschooten Boxes falling on my head
by borisvanschooten

Avoid the falling boxes! Controls: A,D=move/push W=jump

Bridge Builder by imogiagames Bridge Builder
by ImogiaGames

Build bridges to cross gaps! This is a one button game. Use left click

number bricks by sorceress number bricks
by sorceress

construct regions of the same colour

Base Defender by ivan Base Defender
by ivan

An unfinished base defense game.

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