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76th One Hour Game Jam (08 Oct 2016)

Theme: Fall'n'Avoid
Started: 08 Oct 2016 at 20:00 (25 entries)
by spane

Not really a game by (who guessed it?) me :P Solar panels<3

fall DOWN fall UP
by AzulCube

You fall down, then you fall up.

Fall-o-rama by aidanmarkham Fall-o-rama
by aidanmarkham

Avoid the rings and hit the target!

Fall Thru Stuff by inkedsplat_ Fall Thru Stuff
by inkedsplat_

You fall thru Stuff

Falling in a simple world by jasonfy Falling in a simple world
by jasonfy

Use mouse to move around and avoid the enemies. (only x axis). Falling to the bottom gets you more points. Click mouse to restart.

Falling pixel
by Macoron

Brave pixel in the dangerous tube

Raining Cats and Dogs by matthewse19 Raining Cats and Dogs
by matthewse19

get the cats

Collector by mantlair Collector
by mantlair

Left/Right Arrow To Jump. Collect the one you need. Avoid others. Have fun!

Sideways Eight Parachuting by divineomega Sideways Eight Parachuting
by DivineOmega

You're parachuting. Don't hit things! :)

by acr515

Dodge geese. They poop a lot.

Descent into hell by puarsliburf Descent into hell

This took way to long to make.

Falling is implied by fritzvd Falling is implied
by fritzvd

Gameboy game. Avoid the arrows. A is jump B is duck.

BulletsBullets by ratking BulletsBullets
by ratking

Don't fall for the red guys and avoid your bullets.

Sky Die-er by terracottafrog Sky Die-er
by Terracottafrog

Press space to release diver and to pull parachute targets further away give more points, labeled under them pull the parachute late for bonus points if you get no targets just restart

Extreme Fall by ivan Extreme Fall
by ivan

Fall and avoid the bricks. Pick up the mystery boxes for good or bad effects.

Ski, or death shall come by thatsamu Ski, or death shall come
by ThatSamu

You play as the magnificent force which can drop ice spikes from the ceiling of this dangerous cave. Beware that you don't drop them on the foolish humans who have decided to come and ski inside the cave.

by euske


Dreun by imogiagames Dreun
by ImogiaGames

Cat must avoid thunder and not getting wet. Use left and right arrow keys to move.

Billy of the Hill vs Amazon by thesloveniandevil Billy of the Hill vs Amazon
by DevilLime

Billy got drunk one night and ordered 50 packages from Amazon.com, they got pissed off and started dropping them from a plane. Avoid the falling packages. Use A/D to move.

Lazy spikes by princemarioone Lazy spikes
by princemarioone

Dodge the spikes to live!!!

autumn run away from by norgg autumn run away from
by Norgg

Run around aimlessly, maybe fly a bit, avoid the horrid leaves. No completion or objectives, soz.

Baby Delivery Service by ollie Baby Delivery Service
by ollie

My entry into one hour game jam #76. Theme: Fall'n'Avoid

Falling by akair Falling
by akair

You fall. You avoid. You live. ...Perhaps.

Falling by laaph Falling
by laaph

Not a finished game. Press the button and fall. Maybe you'll land on something. Good luck missing (or not missing) stuff. Elements from 1hgj 69 were used, if you follow my games that closely. Thanks to the guy who posted a link to skyboxes.

The Dream by dollarone The Dream
by dollarone

The dream we all dream

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