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77th One Hour Game Jam (15 Oct 2016)

Theme: Break it!
Started: 15 Oct 2016 at 20:00 (18 entries)
Mine it by mojko Mine it
by mojko

Just mine all the way down and you win! Yay! Beat your friend's highscore Created in 1 hour for the gamejam

Brick Dropper by gerry Brick Dropper
by gerry

Click on the brick and drop it on the floor until it breaks. try to earn as much points under one minute!! good luck

Break as many as possible by jasonfy Break as many as possible
by jasonfy

Hold the mouse button down to expand and get the green. Avoid breaking the red.

Break The Glass by mantlair Break The Glass
by mantlair

Click to remove wood planks. Glass will break if any wood hits it. (Sorry for low level count.)

Kickin Kickin' Cars
by inkedsplat_

Kick the cars back from where they came! press Z to kick and arrows to move

Don Don't break the ice
by ollie

Break the fish's swim... Not the ice!

Nucleus by ludipe Nucleus
by ludipe

Super fast and simple arcade game about running around a nucleus while avoiding enemies

Escape from mother Russia by puarsliburf Escape from mother Russia

Read GameJolt description. Uploading this game was HELL.

Break The Brick! by urnamed32 Break The Brick!
by urnamed32

Controls: Space - Slider Alt+F4 - Exit Thanks for playing!

by scottyfox


Hoodlum by mrdave Hoodlum
by mrdave

You are a naughty neighbourhood teenager out for a joyride with your friends and vandalising. Throw your stones as you drive by to smash the windows of the town greenhouses but avoid the fences.

Platform Vs. Aliens by terracottafrog Platform Vs. Aliens
by Terracottafrog

Fight aliens as a high-tech PLATFORM! Destroy them to score! Move with the mouse Serve and restart with space I have no idea if the invaders respawn when you win :/

It It's raining blocks, hallelujah
by alyphen

Break blocks before they fall off the screen. LMB.

Penguins by dollarone Penguins
by dollarone

Get the penguins to their (other) igloo. Break ice by double tapping them!

by akair

Break out and break free!

One Hour Fail by thesloveniandevil One Hour Fail
by DevilLime

I did the No. 1 mistake when it comes to the One Hour Game Jam. I took a bigger piece than I could chew, but this build fits the theme better. The idea was to have a game where you break piggy banks.

Clubbing by liamlime Clubbing
by πŸ˜ΈπŸ‹

Show all these LOSERS at the club how to dance!

Ghost Shooter by euske Ghost Shooter
by euske

Rail shooter with ghosts. Very Halloweeny.

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