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78th One Hour Game Jam (22 Oct 2016)

Theme: Lime
Started: 22 Oct 2016 at 20:00 (26 entries)
Feed The Trolls by laguna Feed The Trolls
by laguna

Make the trolls go away by feeding them limes. They don't like sour stuff.

Lime jumping by terop Lime jumping
by terop

Lime text jumping

Lime SVG by jasonfy Lime SVG
by jasonfy

Wanted to try SVG. Click lime when not dark to get points.

The Lime Avoiders by megaeggz The Lime Avoiders
by megaeggz

2 player! Avoid the limes.

Avoid the limes! by trolog Avoid the limes!
by trolog

Avoid the limes, get to the end to start again only with more sour limes!

Lime by ollie Lime
by ollie

Pick the lime coloured words. Also pick the word... "Lime"

Fight for the limes
by inkedsplat_

Show everyone that limes are superior to lemons | use the mouse to shoot the lemons

Limeade by darkf Limeade
by darkf

Drop limejuice into random pedestrians' eyes!

Lime in the EYES! by 716green Lime in the EYES!
by 716green

Move the head and the lime hero with the arrow keys Jump with Z Shoot with X Don't hit the eyes, get it in the mouth My first 1hgj game. 1 hour really isn't very long...

Limetag by ulydev Limetag
by ulydev

Keep the tag until the timer ends to win! Move using left, right and jump buttons. P1: S, F, E P2: LEFT, RIGHT, UP

One Day In Life Of A Lime Trader by felladrin One Day In Life Of A Lime Trader
by felladrin

You are a lime trader and you've just arrived in the market. You have until 8PM to sell the maximum limes you can. Don't let consumers waiting on the queue with the payment. Get it as soon as possible or they'll get unsatisfied.

Fill drink tip by mojko Fill drink tip
by mojko

Just drink it! (score & highscore DOES NOT WORK) Have fun

Lime Catcher
by chaosstudiosgames

Catch the limes falling from the sky

Lime Quest by ivan Lime Quest
by ivan


Get the Lime (Stone)! by j3hyde2 Get the Lime (Stone)!
by j3hyde

This is a simple game -- wait, did I simple? I meant _brain_dead_simple_ game of picking up limestone blocks to build a giant monolith to bring honour to your family name! Really you just click around touching blocks. There's no win/lose state or checking etc. etc. Have fun?! I should mention I didn't finish in the hour, but I got somewhere soon after - last modified 22:14 BST!

Lime God by sheepolution Lime God
by sheepolution

Lime God is terrorizing the earth with it's terrible color and flavor! Only Color Cube will be able to stop him by hitting him 10 times with his colorful bullets. But watch out, hitting Lime God causes a short shock in dimensions. Don't let it distract you and defeat the Lime God!

Ludicrous Limes by terracottafrog Ludicrous Limes
by Terracottafrog

Drop limes with z,x,n, and m. Don't drop them on the ground or let people reach the top of the tree. If you make 5 mistakes you lose. this game makes lots of sense

Limeade anyone? by princemarioone Limeade anyone?
by princemarioone

Its kinda good?

Kill all Limes by puarsliburf Kill all Limes

I got so sick of GameJolt that I made a Dropbog account. I was wearing a fez whilst making this.

LIME by imogiagames LIME
by ImogiaGames

Left Click the bottle to fill it with lemonade. Beware of bad lemons! click on it to remove them before they touch the bottle

Limey by euske Limey
by euske

Control the lime to kill all the sailors!

DevilLime DevilLime's Lime Prisoner
by DevilLime

​You have captured a Lime game developer. Make him develop and sell games, but feed him and let him sleep. If he doesn't have enough food or sleep he will become dry and his game developer juices will disappear​. You can also try the alternative method of 'encouragement​' for him to be able to work for a couple hours longer. But that method has a possibility of drying him out.

Lime Torture by akair Lime Torture
by akair

Lime is sweet. Sweet, sweet death.

Put Lime in the coconut by dollarone Put Lime in the coconut
by dollarone

Put Lime in the coconut. Cursors to aim, Enter to launch. R to retry.

Lime Spotter by mikedx Lime Spotter
by mikedx

Try to collect (press space when you see) as many limes as possible in 60 seconds. Don't miss any or you will be punished!

Lime Squeeze
by alyphen

Squeeze limes online. Person who squeezes the most juice wins the round.

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