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79th One Hour Game Jam (29 Oct 2016)

Theme: Pumpkins
Started: 29 Oct 2016 at 20:00 (23 entries)
Shira : Tale of Pumpkin
by megaeggz

A tale of sorrow about a person who thinks pumpkins look like bum.

Avoid the ghosts by puarsliburf Avoid the ghosts

Do it now! I got a late start this week.

RotoPumpkin by terop RotoPumpkin
by terop

Pumpkins rotating...

Facepalm by exilegl Facepalm
by exilegl

Avoid the pumpkin for the half a second that you can

by mojko


sort the pumpkins by inkedsplat_ sort the pumpkins
by inkedsplat_

sort the pumpkins ! controls are included in-game || warning : the music is horrible ...

Pumpkin SMASH by 716green Pumpkin SMASH
by 716green

Smash Pumpkins and ACCEPT YOUR FATE

Pumpkin Time by laaph Pumpkin Time
by laaph

The attack of the pumpkins! Shoot the pumpkins before they squish, er uh I mean explode, everybody.

Creepy Candy Drop by ollie Creepy Candy Drop
by ollie

Catch the candies in the pumpkin bucket! Happy Halloween!

Pumpkin Escape by ieyfo Pumpkin Escape
by ieyfo

Escape the pumpkin from killing you

Pumpkin smash by gerry Pumpkin smash
by gerry

Try to destroy as many pumpkins as you can! remember dont let the pumpkin pop!

Pumpkin by jasonfy Pumpkin
by jasonfy

Click on the canvas. Then use left and right arrow keys. Get the green for more points. Was learning more d3 and svg as i went.

Keep It Bouncing by felladrin Keep It Bouncing
by felladrin

Don't let the pumpkin fall. Use Left/Right Arrow Keys. Keep it bouncing until you get bored.

DIY Pumpkin by somethinboutgames DIY Pumpkin
by SomethinBoutGames

A game about making a halloween pumpkin in a rush! (because it's rushing by hahahahahahahhhhhaha) First place the eyes, then nose and mouth and admire your creation. No restart functionality, please refresh the page :/

This shit is so broken
by florens


Pumpking Patch by terracottafrog Pumpking Patch
by Terracottafrog

I couldnt make a good bullet hell game so i made a really bad one try to get to 5 pumpkings or more (pumpkings is not a typa)

pumpking by pixzleone pumpking
by pixzleone

avoid the things let the pumpking live ?

by DevilLime

Spend 1.5h on one animation......

The Pumpkin-eating Rabbit by vantaug The Pumpkin-eating Rabbit
by vantaug

You are a hungry pumpkin-eating rabbit. Move with WASD/arrow keys. Watch out for the bullets.

Pumpkins of the Dead by matt_b Pumpkins of the Dead
by matt_b

Old entry with a new mechanic

Battle by dollarone Battle
by dollarone

Battle! Use cursors and Z to attack

I I'll Be Fine
by crefossus

you are a pumpkin trying to make it through life

by euske

Absolutely no pumpkin at all. By the way, this is my first PICO-8 game! Yay! \o/

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