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80th One Hour Game Jam (05 Nov 2016)

Theme: Text Based / Text For Graphics
Started: 05 Nov 2016 at 20:00 (22 entries)
Moody Room by megaeggz Moody Room
by megaeggz

An unusual experiment

number farmer by wan number farmer
by wan

from 0s to 9s

TextRot by terop TextRot
by terop

nice small rotatezoomer

Horrible space shooter thing
by inkedsplat_

use arrow keys and Z || I am not proud of this ...

TextMyGirl by victorburgos TextMyGirl
by victorburgos

Text based game where you are texting someone else's girl

Simple typing game
by pcgamer

just a simple typing game


Play as P, avoid E, get to G. I actually gave myself proper limitations on the size of my PST (Puarsliburf Standard Text)-board. And yes, I actually used some of my very limited space to draw a fez, fez memory.

Alphabetti Inspector by mrdave Alphabetti Inspector
by mrdave

You are an Alphabetti Spaghetti inspector making sure there are no duplicate letters in a tub. Find and click the duplicate letter as fast as you can.

Another Hour of Game Jam by felladrin Another Hour of Game Jam
by felladrin

Text adventure game about participating on a one hour game jam.

EMPTY by hyena2 EMPTY
by hyena2

A bit late, empty roguelike

Lost in time
by floxplox

Try to plan your jams, folks! Up and down arrow and Enter will do the trick

Shootr by cjay Shootr
by cjay

This is my first game jam game. you simply select the angle you want to shoot and see if it was too low or high. its all made on python because of the text based thing. See if you can beat a friend in the overdramatic battle Thanks

AOX by SomethinBoutGames AOX
by SomethinBoutGames

A text based endless racer. Dodge the Os, collect the Xses. Arrow keys to steer, any key to restart.

Text Game
by AzulCube

Text is platforms

my beat II by jabdownsmash my beat II
by jabdownsmash

play the beat, hear my tale

ADV by Terracottafrog ADV
by Terracottafrog

N, S, E, W to move. Some directions are BLOCKED by walls. Some directions are too DARK. When you find a monster, KILL it. When you find loot, GRAB it. You need to find two pieces of loot to win the game. The deity is strong and you need a special weapon. Enjoy the lush and vibrant world brought into being by the exquisitely detailed, prolifically poetic prose!

ASCII Your Way Out by πŸ˜ΈπŸ‹ ASCII Your Way Out
by πŸ˜ΈπŸ‹

Use the on screen instructions in this console game.

by crefossus

didn't finish. all you can do is move n/s and look at the computer

Purge Text Adventure
by baron_korbin

A purge text adv

The Donald Trump Simulator! What Does He Lie About? Does He Lie About Things?? Let The Donald Trump Simulator! What Does He Lie About? Does He Lie About Things?? Let's Find Out!
by DevilLime

I totally didn't forget it was Saturday and I didn't start one hour late..... It doesn't end btw

Then I will kill you by akair Then I will kill you
by akair

Play at your own risk. File called 79.rar but is right.

Word Jumper by matt_b Word Jumper
by matt_b

build platforms from overlapping letter blocks then press play & try to reach the exit

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