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82nd One Hour Game Jam (19 Nov 2016)

Theme: Winter
Started: 19 Nov 2016 at 20:00 (27 entries)
xmas by terop xmas
by terop

Nice xmas animation (took slightly longer than one hour though)

Snowflakes by ollie Snowflakes
by ollie

Catch snowflakes with the tip of your tongue!

frozen trump is coming by mrkandie frozen trump is coming
by mrkandie

frozen trump against frozen mexicano "Sueltalo" interpreted by Loup Druet Sound designer : Matthieu Alves Game Artists : Aurélien Forge / Alessandro Cheinisse Game Programmer : Quentin Roze You have all our love <3

Winter Game
by selarule

Dodge all the obstacles as a growing snowball!

A litlle penguin
by pixpnd

A game about a small penguin. Controls: Arrows Author: PixelPanda

Snowflake Catch by ivan Snowflake Catch
by ivan

A small game about catching snowflakes.

Winter Suffering Simulator 2016
by spane

>Insert Ellepsy warning

My baby took our love; she rolled up a hill by laaph My baby took our love; she rolled up a hill
by laaph

Unifinshed game; use the arrows to move the tiny little kitten. You should push the snowball up the hill. Due to bugs you won't take the same path going forward and backward.

Snow Mobile Fight
by cjay

Use WASD to control the snowmobile(red cuboid) and complete the course. (really just drive about (there's no finish. just do a lap and enjoy)) R to restart

snowball fight by pcgamer snowball fight
by pcgamer

simple snowball fight use arrow keys to move up and down and space to shoot

En Typisk Svensk Vinter by puarsliburf En Typisk Svensk Vinter

"A Typical Swedish Winter" (Warning: Might not contain typical swedish winters) Right click to shoot fireballs and light fires to melt the ice, left click to shoot arrows at the penguins who are trying to put the fires out.

Snowball 3: The return of the snowmen by somethinboutgames Snowball 3: The return of the snowmen
by SomethinBoutGames

Snowball fight...for your life. The evil square Snowmen are back in the third installment of: Snowball!

TheSnowman Guy? by falcon TheSnowman Guy?
by falcon

Collect snowmen. Not many features and it has bugs.

Special Snowflake by liamlime Special Snowflake
by 😸🍋

Enjoy being a snowflake

X-Mas Fortune Bowling by wan X-Mas Fortune Bowling
by wan

Find out what you will get for X-Mas!

Snow wizard by alyphen Snow wizard
by alyphen

throw snow on the ground Game Maker Studio 2 project file

Snowflakes by boldkey Snowflakes
by boldkey

A recursive random snowflake generator. There's not much of a game though...

Too cold to type! by divineomega Too cold to type!
by DivineOmega

Type the words as fast as possible!

Rock Paper Scissors with a Special Snowflake
by 21wafflez

Play as an enigmatic snowflake navigating the perils of an arid tundra, all while playing rock paper scissors, with rocks papers and scissors!

An Empty Space Full of Bad Snowflakes and Worse Snowmen by terracottafrog An Empty Space Full of Bad Snowflakes and Worse Snowmen
by Terracottafrog

make the snowball bigger turn and move forwards with arrow keys dodge snowballs

Snow Roller
by inshadow

​move by arrows or wasd turn time back by q clear all the snow enjoy

Bad Santa!
by akair

Bad Santa destroying Christmas!

Mine Field!
by DevilLime

Really broken. Have fun!

Winter Wars by felladrin Winter Wars
by felladrin

When starting the game, choose a tower (of any color) to defend. Left-click on their units to define if they should attack enemy units or towers. (It's not very clear what are their targets, but you can notice some difference). That's it. Just go clicking to see which tower wins.

Shovel Simulator by sotocodes Shovel Simulator
by sotocodes

a/d or arrow keys to move shovel that snow, forever

Snowblind by matt_b Snowblind
by matt_b

Unable to see more than the map in front of you, navigate a minefield & collect treasure using only sound.

Winter Sea by euske Winter Sea
by euske

Unfinished! No collisions! Yay!

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