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83rd One Hour Game Jam (26 Nov 2016)

Theme: Protection
Started: 26 Nov 2016 at 20:00 (17 entries)
My Precious! by IgorsGames My Precious!
by IgorsGames

Just another colored square defender. Promo art was created after deadline. :-)

Sluggies by Overman Sluggies
by Overman

Protect your sluggies from certain death! Couple issues have been fixed, please re-download. overman-gaming.com

Evil Slime Defense by nilsone Evil Slime Defense
by nilsone

You have to protect your home from evil slimes.

Surface details by terop Surface details
by terop

Some surface details supposed to be protection for a torus... (win32 version works better)

Earth Has Lasers by Terracottafrog Earth Has Lasers
by Terracottafrog

Defend earth using its lasers! Arrows keys to fire. Practically a clone of Space Zap, a 1980 arcade game.

Square Protector by jawesome Square Protector
by jawesome

Protect your pink-square girlfriend from impending crately doom. Dont let her fall off the tower. WASD to move, Left Mouse Button to shoot fireballs.

by mojko

Shoot with your mouse, easy peasy

A Ripoff of Ripoff by PUARSLIBURF A Ripoff of Ripoff

This is a ripoff of the arcade game ripoff. Protect your fuel canisters from pirates!

Protect The House
by kyotchi

You have to protect the house. Press Space to bark.

Protectors of the Green Kingdom
by Macoron

Simple tower deffence. Click to place tower.

SpaceShield by rafix SpaceShield
by rafix

Good Luck Made by Paul Lancelot (Game Art) Léonard Lemaitre (Game Art) Tiyani Traore--Bastida (Game Design, Sound Design) Raphaël Jouen (Game Design, Dev)

by spane

In a distopian world a single bubble is the only protection left to save yourself from evil spikes and missiles. Not-a-game by Spane lacking the actual theme and gameplay

Fight For The Queen by cjay Fight For The Queen
by cjay

ASWD to move, 'Space' to place a turret its a simple game where you have to protect the queen (Green thing) the turrets just shoot the neerest thing thats within their range if 10 enemies get to the queen she dies Try to last over 1 minuet with as little turrets as possible notes: it starts and ends at the same dificalty so don't wait for it to get harder! Have fun!

by DevilLime

If you like seeing bugs being destroyed for no apparent reason, this is the game for you!

Castle Defence by inshadow Castle Defence
by inshadow

Q and E to turn camera press and drag figures by left mouse button right mouse button cancelling current selection blue wins if all reds are pushed away from the board red wins if blue castle is destroyed reds has jihad huys who can damage the castle

Shield by laaph Shield
by laaph

Use your shield to protect the little guys beneath you.

Drunk Sheriff by euske Drunk Sheriff
by euske

It's a Black Friday! You're a drunk sheriff who cannot walk straightforward and shoots a present. Make bandidos happy!

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