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84th One Hour Game Jam (03 Dec 2016)

Theme: Upside Down
Started: 03 Dec 2016 at 20:00 (14 entries)
Unicode Guessing Game by boltkey Unicode Guessing Game
by boltkey

Try to guess if various Unicode characters are written correctly or upside down before time runs out.

Upside Bandit by Overman Upside Bandit
by Overman

You're the Upside Bandit. Brought to you by overman-gaming.com

The Heart of Queens by dollarone The Heart of Queens
by dollarone

Find the Heart of Queens! Just one gotcha - you seem to have entered the game upside down!

Camera Becomes Crazy by baptiste ouille Camera Becomes Crazy
by baptiste ouille

Arrow Keys + space to jump. You need to avoid the squares ;) Good luck, muahaha...

Starfaller by unvid Starfaller
by unvid

You were lying on the grass looking at the sky when suddenly the gravity turned upside down and you started falling upwards... Will you be able to avoid colliding with birds, planes and even other planets?

Rocks! by arputikos Rocks!
by arputikos

You have to kill as many enemies as possible! You have 30 seconds.

Upside Down Game
by selarule

Avoid the obstacles while having your gravity flipped on you!

Flipped by elementalbinary Flipped
by elementalbinary

Navigate 2 mazes at once to get to the green cube! Arrows to move and space to flip sides! Switch to other maze to progress!

WaterUsideDown by SomethinBoutGames WaterUsideDown
by SomethinBoutGames

Pour water upside down

Cosmic Gorillas by Terracottafrog Cosmic Gorillas
by Terracottafrog

Fend off the cosmic gorillas, who want to steal your boxes!! Press left and right to move Press up and down to switch from floor to ceiling press Z to fire

SpinSpinHappy by laaph SpinSpinHappy
by laaph

Catch smiling faces, avoid not-so-smiling things. Upside down faces make things upside down.

Flipside Surrounder by inshadow Flipside Surrounder
by inshadow

just conquer the board to win you can conquer grey ones by clicking on them, and also you can conquer any block by surrounding it from the four sides Q and E turns the camera around the table

Fly upside down by akair Fly upside down
by akair

Fly upside down and don't die

by DevilLime

Not sure why I'm submitting...

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