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86th One Hour Game Jam (17 Dec 2016)

Theme: Behind the Scenes
Started: 17 Dec 2016 at 20:00 (10 entries)
Old Scenes
by selarule

Dodge all of our old art assets!

Behind the code by kurekurecicz Behind the code
by kurekurecicz

Behind the code simulator 2k17 so sope just download!!!

Source Code by dollarone Source Code
by dollarone

Go Beind the Scenes and jump directly on the source code!

Shadow Shooters by overman Shadow Shooters
by Overman

It's you vs. the shadow shooters.

One Minute Game Jam by terracottafrog One Minute Game Jam
by Terracottafrog

Use your mouse to build levels Left click to palce right click to destroy click on the tools in the top left to change what you are building you need to collect all coins (circles) in order to win (at the door)

Test For Computer Genius
by DevilLime

Get your online certificate for being a computer genius NOW for FREE!!

Behind the Scene with Magnets by cjay Behind the Scene with Magnets
by cjay

Get your player to the end of the game, working behind the scenes. Controls: Space to switch between front and back of scenes Press the magnets (yellow cuboids) to make the cube move in that direction Get to the green point to win the game!

by pixzleone


The Medic by chriiis88 The Medic
by chriiis88

Save your soldiers against endless waves of enemies. The game was built with python (2.7) pygame (1.9.1release) and can be run with simple "python".

The King Says by somethinboutgames The King Says
by SomethinBoutGames

You are the souffleur of a theatre group, tell the actors what to say in the right order to get to the next scene. If you mess up, start from the beginning. In the top, you can see your audience's satisfaction level. Try to get it all the way to the right. No end of game condition, but I hope you get to see all the dialog :)

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