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88th One Hour Game Jam (31 Dec 2016)

Theme: Autumn Colours
Started: 31 Dec 2016 at 20:00 (5 entries)
Autumn Loop by lolhope Autumn Loop
by lolhope

Just ride on the circle...

Color Dodger
by chill productions

This game is a short game where you are a ball with a trail and you are trying not to hit the yellow squares. The music in this game was made by me and also the sprites were made by me

Autumn Catch by aevil1 Autumn Catch
by aevil1

Try and catch the leaves before they fall! (Get it?)

Autumn Fall by thesloveniandevil Autumn Fall
by DevilLime

Pick up the winter fruit

Maple Bug by hacksawunit Maple Bug
by hacksawunit

Fly from maple leaf to maple leaf with the mouse.

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