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89th One Hour Game Jam (07 Jan 2017)

Theme: Tunnels
Started: 07 Jan 2017 at 20:00 (17 entries)
Tunneltest by terop Tunneltest
by terop

some minor tunnel test...

Flesh Tunnel by laguna Flesh Tunnel
by laguna

Pierce the ears of those hipsters!

Tunnel Guesser by generictoast Tunnel Guesser
by GenericToast

Guess the correct tunnel and earn points!

Tunnel Racer by divineomega Tunnel Racer
by DivineOmega

Race through as many tunnels as possible without crashing!

Lets Talk Tunnels by megaeggz Lets Talk Tunnels
by megaeggz

A discussion of tunnels!

death twinkle by electronoob death twinkle
by electronoob

I made this like a week or so before the actual jam, to find that I had a game which fit the theme somewhat! phew. I put in way more than an hour in to this project.

Monkey Kong by dollarone Monkey Kong
by dollarone

Get to the exit

One Minute Tunnel by montyontherun One Minute Tunnel
by montyontherun

Guide the red square. You have one minute to reach the yellow square without touching the white squares.

hyperrealistic drill simulator 20XX by puarsliburf hyperrealistic drill simulator 20XX

arrow keys to move, collect ore for points. replenish your energy at the charger or by mining it. (It's blue, I like blue)

FISH OIL by terracottafrog FISH OIL
by Terracottafrog

Control you pump with the arrow keys. To go back, hold space. Don't let the fish hit you!

PooPush by mrkandie PooPush
by mrkandie

Help the dwarves get their shit out of their mines

Tunnel Ur way by cjay Tunnel Ur way
by cjay

Complete the tunnel by clicking on the blocks to get to the red object. Use the arrow keys of WASD to move.

by ibinary

A game where you go through tunnels?

Gunnels by aurel300 Gunnels
by Aurel

Tunnels are popping up everywhere, destroy them along with the ghosts coming out of them! WSAD to move, left mouse button to shoot

RTT - Running Through Tunnels by somethinboutgames RTT - Running Through Tunnels
by SomethinBoutGames

Mouse to steer left, right or middle. Go through the the black entrance and keep running through tunnels as far as possible.. First time music in a one(andahalf)hour gamejam!!

tunnels(Hah classic ;) ) by cakeeatergames.ru tunnels(Hah classic ;) )
by cakeeatergames.ru

I am not sorry XD

Gotta Go Fast! by liamlime Gotta Go Fast!
by πŸ˜ΈπŸ‹

For when the sudden urge to go fast kicks in.

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