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91st One Hour Game Jam (21 Jan 2017)

Theme: "Waves" or "Big vs Small"
Started: 21 Jan 2017 at 20:00 (13 entries)
WaveLandscape by terop WaveLandscape
by terop

a and d keys to move, space to jump.

Waves in Waves : Balls of Recklessness by megaeggz Waves in Waves : Balls of Recklessness
by megaeggz


Surfer by subli Surfer
by subli

Arrow - controls Be the best surfer!

Avoid the RED! by rocket35 Avoid the RED!
by Odd1In

A very simple game. Made in 40 minutes.

Atlantis by puarsliburf Atlantis

Ignore the intro text on this one. Move with arrow keys, shoot with mouse and kill enemies to prevent the water from rising.

Avoid circles by josemwarrior Avoid circles
by josemwarrior

You can only eat enemies smaller than you

LCGuesser by inshadow LCGuesser
by inshadow

Guess L and C parameters of harmonical oscillator to recreate a wave =) easy

Ninjas must die by mrbobmcwilly Ninjas must die
by RedOriginGames

Wave Based Ninja Fighting Game. Use arrow keys to run into enemies and murder them.

wavey bird by dasmalle wavey bird
by dasmalle

flappy bird with sine waves

Fish are Deadly by terracottafrog Fish are Deadly
by Terracottafrog

Use arrow keys to dodge the fish and bombs.

Invaders by dollarone Invaders
by dollarone

You finally captured the princess, yay. However, there are reports that invaders are coming to rescue her! Kill them all!

Big-O by euske Big-O
by euske

Move with the arrow keys. Avoid the red thingies and get teh goodies!

Devil Devil's Theory of Evolution
by DevilLime

Devil's Theory of Evolution or The Theory of Game Development Evolution. Just watch and learn.

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