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92nd One Hour Game Jam (28 Jan 2017)

Theme: Shapes
Started: 28 Jan 2017 at 20:00 (10 entries)
Thar Be No Game: The Game by puarsliburf Thar Be No Game: The Game

My (quite pathetic) attempt at a puzzle game. I realized that it was to easy to even be considered a game too late to fix it. Select shapes with the mouse and move them with arrow keys

We are #1 Stackers by gannythespy We are #1 Stackers
by gannythespy

Stack as make square as you can before they fall down!

Squares Love Circle by megaeggz Squares Love Circle
by megaeggz

It's dumb ^_^

ShapeClicker by hamtaren ShapeClicker
by hamtaren

Click active shape to gain points, be carefull not to click wrong shape, because you'll lose some points

Slo Mo Shapes
by l0fty.WhizZ

There are lots of shapes scattered about the world, you are supposed to take them to their respective places. Using LMB, you generate an explosion wherever you are looking, which also slows down time, and use this to move the objects to their respective goals. But, dont let it touch the ground once you have lifted an object, else your score decreases.

Triangle Vs Square by doctorcheerio Triangle Vs Square
by doctorcheerio

A bullet Hell Game where your a triangle fighting a square.

Shadow Shapes by generictoast Shadow Shapes
by GenericToast

Choose the correct shapes that form the shadow!

Tower of Babel by mrdave Tower of Babel
by mrdave

Balance the bricks on the pillar and try to make the highest tower you can to reach the heavens…watch out though too many and it will overbalance!

Sonar by liamlime Sonar
by 😸🍋

Match the shape on your sonar display

Color Match by thesloveniandevil Color Match
by DevilLime

Try to match the color!

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