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95th One Hour Game Jam (18 Feb 2017)

Theme: 🐱 (Cat emoji)
Started: 18 Feb 2017 at 20:00 (25 entries)
Pet the Cat by alyphen Pet the Cat
by alyphen

pet the cat and it makes faces

by megaeggz

It's great, errm, I don't know what to say.

Nyan our Hero by laguna Nyan our Hero
by laguna

Had a flu, but wanted to participate. So this is a "non game" game. Hope you like it anyway.

Emoji Plinko by sampb Emoji Plinko
by Sam From Feisty Crab Studios

Click the cat emojis to get points but watch out clicking the dog emojis will lose you points! How high of a score can you get in 10 seconds? Once the time is over press R to restart.

Meow and the quest for milk. by quest Meow and the quest for milk.
by Quest

You are a cat looking for the mysterious milkman. Good Luck!

Tap the Cat by mixer Tap the Cat
by mixer

Tap the cat before the cat taps you!

Cat game by chicken_develop Cat game
by chicken develop


?? by corrie ??
by Corrie

Read Itch.io description pls. Left click cat emoji to get a point. Right click not cat emoji to not lose a point

Cat Run by marc Cat Run
by marc

Left & right to move just make it to the end (Long platform) 1st gamejam and I'm rubbish at 2d so my 1st attempt at it.

Attack of the cat emojis by puarsliburf Attack of the cat emojis

Ever wanted to see Jenny from "My Life As A Teenage Robot", Mario or that guy in a red shirt who appears in some of my games dodging giant, flying cat emojis? No? Well you caaaaaaaannnnnnn... (Control with arrow keys)

CATcher by generictoast CATcher
by GenericToast

Catch as many cats as you can before the time runs out! (W & D or arrow keys to move)

Flappy Cat by wolskey Flappy Cat
by wolskey


Pet the Neko by liamlime Pet the Neko
by πŸ˜ΈπŸ‹

Pet the ?

Kittygotchi by tsjost Kittygotchi
by tsjost

Keep kitty happy. Feed, but don't over-feed. (Run in Firefox if you don't get emojis in another browser)

Cat Cat's life
by axenlader

Maintain the amount of cats between 2 and 10. Only cats with different orientation reproduce.

Cat Clicker! by thesloveniandevil Cat Clicker!
by DevilLime

Click to get cat points!

Kitty Clicker (sry devillime) by crazymatt Kitty Clicker (sry devillime)
by crazymatt

Click the cat while being stared at by a cat. A rather simple game, if I do say myself.

Explode the Cat by wetdesertrock Explode the Cat
by wetdesertrock

Click on a cat face to explode it. You only have one click click, so use it well!

Spam Cat by jantych Spam Cat
by JanTych

Left mouse click to spam screen with cats!

Cat Tree by khamill Cat Tree
by khamill

Climb the Cat tree

Cat wall by jacklehamster Cat wall
by jacklehamster

Cat game. Cat can double jump. Source code: https://github.com/jacklehamster/game/tree/gh-pages/1hgj/game95

CAT RUSH! by teamawesome CAT RUSH!
by teamawesome

Can you run fast enough? Can you fly high enough? Keep smashing that keyboard, to find out! Break all the vases on your way, eat all the fish, and above all, be a cat! This is the first 1 hour (oh well, 3 hour) jam game, made by two very crazy people studying game design. All artwork and code is ours, music came from open sources. Cheers!

Revenge of the BatCat by terracottafrog Revenge of the BatCat
by Terracottafrog

Arrows to move. Space to fire. Shoot the tankers to explode buildings.

Saving Kitty! by dollarone Saving Kitty!
by dollarone

You are mama-cat and your Kitty has disappeared! Find her!!

? messenger by pta2002 ? messenger
by pta2002

A messenger where you can only send cat emojis

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