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Theme: Mine
February 25th 2017

16 Games

Defending my Mine with Mines by laguna Defending my Mine with Mines
by laguna

Defending your Mine against attackers who want to steal your gold. You only have some Mines left to save your earnings.

Miner by chicken develop Miner
by chicken develop

Miner must dig

Minefall in the mine finding mine.
by marc

Find Mine (Capsule) at the bottom of the mine. Green cubes = Safety Red Cubes = Danger & Will teleport you to the beginning of the level. Produced for the OneHourGameJam

Mine Exploder by Corrie Mine Exploder
by Corrie

Click em

Mine Hopper by GenericToast Mine Hopper
by GenericToast

Avoid the mines by hopping over them!

Mine Jump by Sam From Feisty Crab Studios Mine Jump
by Sam From Feisty Crab Studios

Space to jump, don't hit the mines!

TryToFleeTheMinedLand by raitozan TryToFleeTheMinedLand
by raitozan

Exit the mined land ! but be careful !

Minesweeping by Rawb!t Minesweeping
by Rawb!t

Drink the beer.

Gold Miner by JanTych Gold Miner
by JanTych

Mine to get gold

Burglar Simulator by akair Burglar Simulator
by akair

You burglar. Press "Ctrl" to take stuff.

MINEwgame by khamill MINEwgame
by khamill

Press space to jump

Hourcraft by PUARSLIBURF Hourcraft

I made a minecraft clone. 1-4 changes between blocks, WASD moves, Q eats berries (plant your first one), left click mines and right click builds. Berries can only be placed on grass.

Ingots by πŸ˜ΈπŸ‹ Ingots
by πŸ˜ΈπŸ‹

Process ore into ingots

BounceMine by Terracottafrog BounceMine
by Terracottafrog

Arrow keys to move. Dodge falling rocks. Don't hit mines.

Mine! Mine! Mine! by teamawesome Mine! Mine! Mine!
by teamawesome

"Human, help me claim what is MINE! The land is MINE! The Gems are MINE! The mines are not MINE!". Move with Arrow Keys! :) This is the second 1 hour jam game, made by two very crazy people studying game design. All artwork and code is ours, music came from open sources. Cheers!

USS DevilMine by DevilLime USS DevilMine
by DevilLime

You are the capitan of the USS DevilMine, a US aircraft carrier patroling the Atlantic Sea. You have found yourself in the middle of a sea minefield. Get out of it using your radar with no casualties. Good luck!

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