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98th One Hour Game Jam (11 Mar 2017)

Theme: Egg
Started: 11 Mar 2017 at 20:00 (22 entries)
by Corrie

read itch

Egg + Torus by terop Egg + Torus
by terop

Some nice egg shape

Easter Egg by scorched Easter Egg
by scorched

Collect colors to stay away from darkness

Egg Collector by sampb Egg Collector
by Sam From Feisty Crab Studios

A and D to move, collect crockery to gain points! How many points can you get in 10 seconds?

Guardian of the eggs by generictoast Guardian of the eggs
by GenericToast

Defend your eggs at all costs!

EggClicker by jamietd EggClicker
by jamietd

Crack as many eggs as you can in 60 seconds! Not all eggs give you rewards! Escape to Quit, Press R to Restart when the game is over.

Egg Pooping by thesloveniandevil Egg Pooping
by DevilLime

Catch the eggs and get mmmmoneeeeey!! Click on another square(chicken) to center on it. PS I recommend playing at lower resolutions

Angry Eggs by oneokgame Angry Eggs
by oneokgame

Angry Eggs! click mouth to get the eggs.

Type "Egg" by danlivings Type "Egg"
by danlivings

You have 20 seconds to type the word "egg" as many times as possible Made in thirty minutes because I was late

Egg Balancing by ofirma85 Egg Balancing
by ofirma85

Balance as many eggs as possible in the room without breaking any Press anywhere on the screen to spawn an egg

The sad adventure of the egg runner by quest The sad adventure of the egg runner
by Quest

he runs for eggs

Russian Roulegg by somethinboutgames Russian Roulegg
by SomethinBoutGames

Have you ever wanted to play a bad text based russian roulette parody? No? Well I made one anyway. Enjoy.

Egg Flop by jacklehamster Egg Flop
by jacklehamster

You are the CEO of a very well respected multinational company. Your employees count on you to save face.

Egg Beater by jsparty Egg Beater
by jsparty

Save your hen house from the HAM, as he trys to destroy your house! Your only option is to stop him by pooping EGGZ at him! xD

Chickens vs. aliens by puarsliburf Chickens vs. aliens

A game about the flatwood monster trying to steal an egg. Chickens cost 2 moneys, if the aliens get to your egg you lose. You win via killing the flatwood monster (wave 8). I'm really proud over the art in this game, too bad the gameplay sucks.

space eggs by porcupinester space eggs
by porcupinester

the space eggs need your help to escape the space humans!

Eggy by inshadow Eggy
by inshadow

Space to jump jump to live no remorse

EggHatch by lpmoura77@gmail.com EggHatch
by Mr. LP

Use arrows and Spacebar to pickup eggs before they hatch. Sound is disabled. Sorry. http://www.lpgamejam.com.br/egghatch OBS: I made it on construct 2 free I don't know if it will work. =/ I'm new to this.

Hatch an egg by blakelead Hatch an egg
by blakelead

Cover the egg when its raining, and try to keep it at the right temperature by clicking on the thermometer.

Protect The Egg by teamawesome Protect The Egg
by teamawesome

You are an Egg monster trying to escape from Monsterworld. Do not Let other monsters constrain your potential. Use your Mouse to Keep Moving!! The fourth 1hgj game of Team Awesome is here to spook you. All artwork was generated using Interactive Image Translation with pix2pix-tensorflow (https://affinelayer.com/pixsrv/index.html), while sounds come from open sources.

Draw The Egg by euske Draw The Egg
by euske

Draw the egg as quickly and accurate as possible. This was supposed to be submitted for 98th Jam "Egg", but whatevah.

another placeholder because i cant remember anything argh
by Terracottafrog


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