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99th One Hour Game Jam (18 Mar 2017)

Theme: Wind
Started: 18 Mar 2017 at 20:00 (26 entries)
Wind Up by Corrie Wind Up
by Corrie

read itch

The Wind Rises by laguna The Wind Rises
by laguna

Leaves are blowing in the wind. Gather them home! Can you rescue all of them? Use the mouse (press LMB) to gather the leaves.

Candle Blower by Sam From Feisty Crab Studios Candle Blower
by Sam From Feisty Crab Studios

A to move left, D to move right, Space to fart. You've got 10 seconds to blow out as many candles as you can!

boat prototype by groverburger boat prototype
by groverburger

a prototype of a boat moving around with wind

Tornado surfer by carlmartus Tornado surfer
by carlmartus

A tornado has appeared! Time to show what a bad ass you are! Dust off your skateboard and start riding up in the tornado. Just make sure you don't hit any of the debries flying around in there. The longer you last in there, the more score you get. CONTROLS: Left/Right - Steer

Bird. by subli Bird.
by subli


Windy Golf by GenericToast Windy Golf
by GenericToast

Guide your ball to the end using the power of the wind!

Wind Quaker by walri Wind Quaker
by walri

First attempt at 1 hour game jam.

Paper Plane by jamietd Paper Plane
by jamietd

The aim of the game is to keep the plane up in the air as long as possible. Press Space to push the plane up. R to restart Escape to Quit

Wind Goddess Power Eat by instasquid Wind Goddess Power Eat
by instasquid

Eat birds to surf better. You are wind god

SpaceWind by Mr. LP SpaceWind
by Mr. LP

Use arrows (Up, Left, Right) and try to land on landpad. The game is not very long. Still a little bugged but I guess it will work. =)

Wind Guy by wavepropagation Wind Guy
by wavepropagation

Try your best to keep Wind Guy in the air. If he lands or reaches higher heights he will die! To keep him in the air, hold your mouse cursor on him.

Wind-Up Clown by 132ikl and Starboy0509 Wind-Up Clown
by 132ikl and Starboy0509

It's a wind-up clown. What did you expect?

Damn Wind by creativwhisper Damn Wind
by creativwhisper

Take the ball to the goal, but beware of the wind! WASD or arrows to move the ball. Escape reloads and Escape quits.

Tornado! by sotocodes Tornado!
by sotocodes

Don't let tree trunks that are been swept around by the tornado hit you! Arrow keys to move.

Cloud Runner by Quest Cloud Runner
by Quest

How To Play Avoid The Wind!!! Controls: Up Arrow = Up Down Arrow = Down Left Arrow = Left Right Arrow = Right

Papercraft by yetatore Papercraft
by yetatore

Control the wind to keep the papercraft alive. Controls Space - Activate wind

Gotta catch Gotta catch 'em all
by dollarone

Armed with a hairdryer, put the ping pong balls in the bucket. Mouse to aim, mouse buttons to rotate, R to restart.

Windy Ball by khamill Windy Ball
by khamill

Blow the ball into the buildings

sailing sim by RedOriginGames sailing sim
by RedOriginGames

Sailing sim, first game made with pico-8 so is rough, and barley a game, but still good for one hour!

Redmund vs. the wind god! by PUARSLIBURF Redmund vs. the wind god!

My attempt at making an arpg in an hour! Control with WASD and attack with arrow keys. You play as Redmund, a citizen in the land of Armonia. For generations this land has been haunted by the Wind God (Who I didn't have the time to design so he's just a recolored version of the Flatwoods monster from the last game and he does piss all wind-related) Redmund is no legendary hero, a noble knight or anything. In fact he has no training at all, he just grabs a sword and takes on the world!

Perilous Piracy by Terracottafrog Perilous Piracy
by Terracottafrog

​Arrow keys to speed up, slow down, and turn. Z and X to fire. Kill all the pirates! (except that's actually impossible because this is an arcade game)

Windy Raft by JanTych Windy Raft
by JanTych

Move the raft left and right and reach the island. Catch the wind to reach the island faster. A/D - Left/Right

Upwind by 😸🍋 Upwind
by 😸🍋

Use a fan to keep a ball in the air, in a given area.

Cherry Blossom by seleven games Cherry Blossom
by seleven games

Use arrows to make the blossom avoid branches and reach it's destination. Press [R] to restart.

Game I intend to make someday by DevilLime Game I intend to make someday
by DevilLime


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