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This page contains information of how Jams work and the rules.


Every Saturday at 17:00 UTC. The time in your local time and a countdown-timer should be in the top of the site though.


Right here! Joining our Discord server is however a good idea.

Is there a theme?

Yes! At the start of the hour, the theme is announced on the site and on Discord. Themes are suggested and voted by the community on the Theme Voting page.

How long do I have to finish?


Do I have to submit within the hour?

No. Keep working on your game until it's done, then submit.

Can I use premade assets?

You are free to use premade assets but it is recommended that you make at least one game from scratch. Some assets are provided on the Assets page but you do not have to use them.

Do I have to host the games myself?

Yes, you'll need to host the game and submit the links here. We host the thumbnail though. If you don't have a website yourself, use something like dropbox / google drive, or / newgrounds. Ask on Discord for more suggestions.

What happens after the jam?

Officially, not much. As a non-competitive jam there is no designated winner, but people occasionally host streams to showcase all of the games. This is volunteer-based and unofficial however, so keep an eye on the Discord. Want to stream? Set up your twitch username in user settings and press the "Become Streamer" button after a jam concludes. Your twitch stream will then appear on the site.

What if I don't finish in time?

If you finish and submit your game before the stream ends, we'll play it on stream, even if it took you more than an hour to finish.

Can I participate after the jam has ended?

If you come late you can still participate. If the stream is over, then your game won't be played on-stream, obviously, but we'll still keep it on the site!

Copyright / licenses / future development / intellectual property / ...?

You retain full ownership / copyright / yadda yadda. If you get a BAFTA make sure to mention us in your acceptance speech though :D

Can I submit as a team?

Team entries are allowed but currently not supported by the website. Please keep in mind that it can be challenging to manage a team within an hour.